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To join, select the appropriate membership option below and press the PayPal button to make your payment. Once payment has been received through PayPal you will be returned to our site to fill out your profile and gain access to the members-only sections of this website.

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Membership is open to all members in good standing with the APTA and WPTA. You do not need to be a member of the national Private Practice Section. You do not need to be an owner of a physical therapy private practice. You may be a clinic manager, interested in future ownership or simply wish to support physical therapy private practice and the mission and goals of the WPTA PPSIG. We look forward to helping you reach your individual goals and missions.

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Membership Options

General Membership

Any member of the WPTA who can provide evidence, as requested by the board, that their practice setting is 50% owned by physical therapists is eligible for membership. The first PT of a practice to join the PPSIG is subject to our annual base rate; additional members of the same practice may join at 50% of that rate.

Principal Membership (1 Per Practice, $300.00/year):

Associate Membership ($150.00/year):

Non WPTA Membership

PT’s who are not members of APTA /WPTA are able to join the PPSIG. Their annual dues will be two times the base rate. This membership will be allowed for a maximum of two years, at which time they must join the WPTA in order to maintain their membership. There will be no discount for additional members of their practice. This member is not eligible to serve on the BOD.

Non WPTA Membership ($600.00/year):

Student Membership

Available at 50% of the base annual rate. Included in annual membership, the PPSIG will sponsor the student as a member of PPS, if less than $100(one hundred dollars).

Student Membership ($150.00/year):

Retired, Lifetime or other Memberships

Used at the discretion of the PPSIG Board of Directors.

Retired, Lifetime or Other Membership ($50.00/year):