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Thank you for purchasing Salutation. To help get you started a few common questions about the theme and this sample content are addressed below.



Why doesn't my website look exactly like the demo?
Where is this content I'm reading right now coming from?
How do I add content to the tabs at the top?
Where are the images from the demo site?
Where do I edit the 'Join > Share > Connect!' area below?

Help Document

Please be sure to review the help document included with the theme. It can be found in the “Documentation” folder inside the download files, or by clicking the blue “Help” tab in the theme admin from any theme settings area. The help file answers many questions and will walk you through the steps required to initially setup your site.


Have more questions?

If you have additional questions and comments you can also refer to the FAQs found here:



Need a little support?

You can also contact us for support anytime you need a little help.


Where is the content below coming from?

The content shown below is produced by a standard WordPress “Page” named “Home Page“. Content from pages can be added to layouts directly as a static content area. The choices for static content areas are “Pages” and “Static Blocks“. To add this page to the home page we went to “Appearance > Layouts” and opened the “Home Page Layout“, dragged a “Static Content” item onto the layout and selected the page named “Home Page

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